12 Terrifying Japanese Urban Legends




Teke-Teke is the legend of a woman who comitted suicide by jumping onto the subway tracks and was cut in half. Her top-half became a ghost that crawls around cutting people in half with a scythe. Any of her victims are doomed to become Teke-Teke themselves, which means that these creepy ghosts keep multiplying!



Beware of the third bathroom stall from the end of an elementary school bathroom in Japan. If you knock on the stall door three times and ask “Are you there, Hanako-san?”, you’ll summon the ghost of a young school girl in a red skirt. She’ll respond “Yes, I’m here” and if you open the door she’ll pull you into the toilet and drown you.

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Mushroom maiden

I want to make love in this hotspring again

Taste the rainbow.
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"Mom can we get McDonalds?"

"Eat what’s in the fridge"


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I really enjoy Adam Scott struggling not to smile at Amy Poehler’s hilarity.


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Gimme Some C12H22O11 Baby!" is all finished!  I’m really proud of this fanart since I wasn’t sure how I was gonna complete it but I somehow managed!

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You dont understand how much i love fanart if these two where Marcy is chewing bubblegum

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since a lot of people ask me, these are my current brushes! these 5 are pretty much the only thing i use for everything!

listen im the baddest in the school the baddest in the game excuse me  honey but nobodys in my lane


youre gonna look so godamn cool

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alien hunter garnet reporting for duty

Anonymous asked: Hallo birb, has the import question for! Hav extremely import results come SOON, felin the very stress! Do birb have advice for to not ruffle feathers much? thank birb


Sometime, the feather juts going a ruffle.

BUT, way to keep RUFFLE at the minimums.  Receive enough sleeps.  Sometime, is a difficult, butt do the best get a slep for you.  Prepare for a beds early!  

Alsos: eat a regular how it work for you.  Soemtime, I become a stress adn have a diffult the meal.  Try a best have meals the proteins and plants andn the food you think a tasty treat.  SOMETIME with a people (include this modde), this unreasonable demadn.  Try stay a fed as best can be for you.  Having be fed is more important than eat the mots healthies (except the allergy.  Donut eat a allergy foods of course).  

Spedn a time with the friend of human or aminal or figurine can enjoy the time make a feel good.  In persons, not in persons.  Both ok.  

Do an enjoy!  Like a walks?  The Swimmer?  Play the Game or see the Show Television?  A thing of enjoy, do!

Feel up the accomplish task?  Take the try!  Feeling not up?  Okay too.

The General: Stay having been fed and rested the best of your able.  Take time a do an enjoy and be with the Friend or Family or Loved Aminals.  Remember a tasks such as bathe, pick up the Things if you are able a do those thing.

 If cannot do Any a Thing, this is okay too.  Only a suggest!  Sometime cannot sleep food the difficult, how interact the friend fam, donut want do Any A Thing.  This okay too.  



YES I producing the sensitive reporbs come back laterm

what is this animal cruelty that poor bird is being forced to use windows 8

 Oh no windows 8 sucks stop birb wat u doin